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Vision Screening

As a minimum, the school shall screen all children in kindergarten and grades one, two, three, five and seven. In complying with the requirements of WAC 246-760-020, the district shall:

  1. Screen children wearing glasses for distance viewing with their glasses on;

  2. Place the results of screening, any referrals, and results of such referrals in each student’s health and/or school record; and

  3. Forward the results to the student’s new school if the student transfers.

The school shall re-screen students having a visual acuity of 20/40 or less in either eye as determined by the Snellen test or its approved equivalent within two weeks or as soon as possible after the original screening. Failure is indicated by the inability to identify the majority of letters or symbols on the thirty-foot line of the test chart at a distance of twenty feet.

Schools shall inform parents or guardians of students failing the second screening, in writing, of the need and importance of the child receiving professional care.


Legal Reference: WAC 246-760-020 How frequently must schools screen children?


Date:  04.10.95

Revised:  08.02.13