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Classroom Management, Discipline and Corrective Action

Rules of student conduct are essential to maintain a school environment conducive to learning. A student’s refusal to comply with written rules and regulations established for the governing of the school will constitute sufficient cause for discipline.

Staff are responsible for supervising student behavior, employing effective classroom management methods and enforcing the rules of student conduct in fair, consistent and non-discriminatory manner. Corrective action must be reasonable and necessary under the circumstances and reflect the district’s priority to maintain a safe and positive learning environment for all students and staff.

Students and/or their parents/guardians will be provided all required substantive and procedural due process in regards to grievances, hearings and/or appeals of corrective action. The district will assist long-term suspended and expelled students in returning to school as soon as possible by providing them with a re-engagement plan tailored to the student’s individual circumstances, including consideration of the incident that led to the student’s long-term suspension or expulsion.


Cross References: Board Policy 2121 Substance Abuse Program
Board Policy 2161 Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students
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Board Policy 3244 Corporal Punishment
Board Policy 3520 Student Fees, Fines or Charges
Board Policy 4210 Regulations of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises


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WAC 392-40-300 Emergency expulsion--Notice of hearing--Waiver of hearing right
WAC 392-40-305 Emergency expulsion--Prehearing and hearing process
WAC 392-40-310 Appeals--Long-term suspension and expulsion
WAC 392-40-315 Appeals--Hearing before school board or disciplinary appeal council--Procedures
WAC 392-40-317 Appeals--Discipline and short-term suspension grievances
WAC 392-40-320 School board or disciplinary appeal council decisions
WAC 392-400-410 Appeal for extension of a one-year expulsion
WAC 392-400-420 Reengagement meetings and plans


Adoption Date:  04.10.95

Former Policy Number: 3300

Clover Park School District

Revised: 11.12.96; 10.09.00; 08.12.02; 09.10.12; 02.09.15