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Classroom Management, Corrective Actions or Punishment: Exceptional Misconduct Committee

Students in grades 6-12 who have been suspended or expelled for exceptional misconduct may be eligible for a time-limited alternative educational setting. A parent, student, staff member or administrator may apply to the “Exceptional Misconduct” committee for consideration of placement. Applications for enrollment in the Alternative Educational Program, otherwise known as the Re-entry Program, shall be limited to twice per semester. A student may attend the Re-entry Program for a time period of 45 school days up to one calendar year.

  1. An application shall be submitted to the Director of Student Services. The application shall include reasons the student wants to be admitted and why the request should be considered; evidence that supports the request; and a supporting statement from the parent and/or others who may have assisted the student.
  2. Upon receipt of an application, the Director of Student Services will convene a review committee to consider the request for an alternative educational placement. The committee shall be composed of a middle school administrator, a high school administrator, and a central office administrator. An administrator from the student’s last school of attendance may also be a part of the review committee.
  3. The committee will consider information such as grades, attendance, previous disciplinary infractions and the unique circumstances of the student’s most recent disciplinary infraction. The designated administrator shall inform the parent and student of the committee’s decision within ten school days of the receipt of such application. The committee’s decision is final.
  4. If the committee accepts a student for placement in the Re-entry program, the student and parent must agree to certain terms prior to admittance. Terms of admittance include: parents must provide transportation, student and parent must attend an intake conference with program staff, and a contract outlining student conduct and academic requirements must be completed and signed.


Legal References: WAC 180-40-260 Long-term suspension -- Conditions and limitations


Date:  04.10.95

Revised:  10.17.00; 01.07.02; 08.02.13; 06.15.15