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Possession of Weapons

Student possession of a weapon on district property or at district-sponsored events creates a danger to students and staff. It is disruptive to the operation of schools and is prohibited.

Students who possess a weapon shall be subject to corrective action. The district may suspend or expel a student for up to one  year if the student acts with malice, as defined under RCW 9A.04.110, and displays an instrument that appears to be a firearm on school premises, school-provided transportation, or areas of facilities while being used exclusively for school activities.

It is a violation of district policy and state law for any person to carry a firearm or dangerous weapon on school premises, school-provided transportation or areas of other facilities being used exclusively for school activities.  Dangerous weapons include but is not limited to: (a) a firearm which is a weapon or device from which a projectile may be fired by an explosive; or (b) an airgun, which includes any air pistol or air rifle, designed to propel a BB, pellet, or other projectile by discharge of compressed air, carbon dioxide or other gas, or any items which appear to be realistic firearms or air guns; or (c) a slung shot, which is a piece of metal, or a stone fastened to a short strap, chain or thong, used as a weapon; or (d) a sling shot, which is a forked piece of wood, plastic or metal having an elastic band fastened to the prongs for shooting small stones, metal balls, or pebbles; or (e) a club, chains or metal knuckles; or (f) a device commonly known as “throwing stars, “multipointed metal objects designed to embed upon impact from any aspect; or (g) any knife which is a cutting or stabbing instrument ; or (h) a dirk, which is a type of dagger; or (i) any device commonly known as “nun-chu-ka sticks: consisting of two or more lengths of wood, metal, plastic or similar substance connected with wire, rope or other means; or (j) any portable device manufactured to function as a weapon and/or is commonly known as a stun gun, including a projectile stun gun which projects wired probes that are attached to the device that emit an electrical charge designed to administer to a person or an animal an electric shock, charge, or impulse

Possession includes, but/and is not limited to: having a weapon on district property or at a district-sponsored event located: (a) in a space assigned to a student such as a locker or desk; (b) on the student’s person or property (such as on the student’s body, in his/her clothing, purse, backpack, gym bag or vehicle); (c) under the student’s control or accessible or available, such as hidden by the student; or, (d) a vehicle parked on school property or where the student has access to the vehicle during the school day.

Policy Notice to Students

All students shall be made aware of the provisions of this policy.

The superintendent is directed to see that all school facilities post “Gun-Free Zone” signs and that all violations of this policy and RCW 9.41.280 are reported annually to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The superintendent shall establish procedures for safe and orderly schools and the implementation of this policy.


This policy shall not apply to any student engaged in military activities sponsored by the Federal or State government, a school-authorized rifle club activity, martial arts class, or class or program which uses equipment and tools for instructional and training purposes; provided, however, all exceptions must be under the supervision of a district staff member and the object is known to be in the student’s possession.

Persons over eighteen years of age and persons between fourteen and eighteen years of age with written parental or guardian permission may possess personal protection spray devices on school property. No one under eighteen years of age may deliver such devices, nor may anyone eighteen years or older deliver a spray device to anyone under fourteen or to anyone between fourteen and eighteen who does not have parental permission. Written permission must be on file at the school prior to carrying the device on school property or school sponsored events.

The following persons may carry firearms into school buildings, as necessary, although students engaged in these activities are restricted to the possession of rifles on school premises:

  1. Persons engaged in military, law enforcement, or school district security activities;
  2. Persons involved in a school authorized convention, showing, demonstration, lecture or firearm safety course;
  3. Persons competing in school authorized firearm or air gun competitions; and
  4. Any federal, state or local law enforcement officer.

The following persons over eighteen years of age and not enrolled as students may have firearms in their possession on school property outside of school buildings:

  1. Persons with concealed weapons permits issued pursuant to RCW 9.41.070 who are picking up or dropping off students; and
  2. Persons conducting legitimate business at the school and in lawful possession of a firearm or dangerous weapon if the weapon is secured within an attended vehicle, is unloaded and secured in a vehicle, or is concealed from view in a locked, unattended vehicle.

Personal protection spray devices may not be used other than in self-defense as defined by state law. Possession, transmission or use of personal protection spray devices under any other circumstances, is a violation of district policy and shall be subject to corrective action.

School officials shall notify the student’s parents or guardians and the appropriate law enforcement agency of known or suspected violations of this policy. Students who violate this policy shall be subject to discipline, including a one-year expulsion for a violation involving a firearm. However, the superintendent may modify the one-year expulsion on a case-by-case basis.


Cross References: Board Policy 3240 Student Conduct
Board Policy 3300 Corrective Actions or Punishment
Board Policy 4210 Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises


Legal References: RCW 9.41.280 Dangerous weapons on school grounds
9A.16.020 Use of force--when lawful
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28A.600.420 Firearms on school premises, transportation, or facilities – Penalty – Exemptions


Adoption Date: 04.10.95

Clover Park School District

Revised:  10.09.00; 09.10.12; 04.11.16