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Freedom of Expression

The free expression of student opinions is an important part of education in a democratic society. Students' verbal and written expression of opinion is to be encouraged so long as it does not substantially disrupt the operation of the school. Students are expressly prohibited from the use of vulgar and/or offensive language.

The superintendent shall develop guidelines assuring that students are able to enjoy free expression of opinion while maintaining orderly conduct of the school environment.

  1. Student Publications

    Student publications produced as part of the school's curriculum or with the support of the associated student body fund are intended to serve both as vehicles for instruction and student communication. They are operated and substantively financed by the district.

    While the district believes that students should be encouraged to exercise good judgment in the content of the student publication program, such expressive writing must be in keeping with the school's instructional mission and values. Material must be free of content that: runs counter to the instructional program; invades the privacy of individuals; demeans or otherwise damages individuals or groups; supports the violation of school rules or, is inappropriate for the maturity level of the students.  Such publication activities must also reflect respect for the sensitivity of others and standards of civility as well as the elements of responsible journalism.

    Material appearing in such publications should reflect all areas of student interest, including topics about which there may be controversy and dissent. Controversial issues may be presented provided that they are treated in-depth and represent a variety of viewpoints. Such materials may not be libelous, obscene or profane; cause a substantial disruption of the school; invade the privacy of others; demean any race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic group: or, advocate the violation of the law or advertise tobacco products, liquor, illicit drugs, or drug paraphernalia.

    The superintendent shall develop guidelines to implement these standards and shall establish procedures for the prompt review of any materials which appear not to comply with the standards.

  2. Distribution of Materials

    Publications or other material may be distributed on school premises in accordance with procedures developed by the superintendent. Such procedures may impose limits on the time, place, and manner of distribution including prior authorization for the distribution or circulation of substantial quantities of printed material or the posting of such material on school property.

    Students responsible for the distribution of material which leads to a disruption of school activity or otherwise interferes with school operations or students who violate any aspect of the rules, such as violating the time, place and manner of restrictions established by the school district, shall be subject to corrective action.

    Materials shall not be distributed on school grounds by non-students and non-employees of the district without prior approval from a district or building administrator.


Cross References: Board Policy 3300 Classroom Management and Corrective Actions


Legal References: WAC 180-40-215 Student rights


Adoption Date: 04.10.95

Clover Park School District

Revised: 10.09.00; 09.10.12