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Gang Affiliation/Activity

The Clover Park School District is committed to maintain a school environment that is safe for students, personnel, and patrons, and to ensure an optimum learning environment. Gangs and gang-related activities disrupt the orderly operation of the schools and inhibit and detract from a school setting that is conducive to learning.

Groups, or individuals which initiate or advocate activities that threaten the safety and well-being of persons or property on school facilities or at school-sponsored events are detrimental to the educational purpose of the Clover Park School District and will not be tolerated. These activities may include behaviors such as hazing, personal degradation, or other actions of intimidation or threats of violence against other persons by an individual or group. Gang-related symbols and language are prohibited, and students involved in their use shall be subject to disciplinary action.

All gang affiliation or gang-type incidents shall be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency. 

Students assisting, promoting or placing graffiti on school property shall be subject to disciplinary action.


Legal References: RCW 9A.84.030 Disorderly conduct
28A.600.010 Government of schools, pupils, employees, rules for – Due process guarantees - Enforcement
28A.600.020 Government of schools, pupils, and employees – exclusion of student by teachers – Written disciplinary procedures – appropriate disciplinary action
28A.600.040 Pupils to comply with rules and regulations
28A.600.455 Gang activity –Suspension or expulsion
28A.635.030 Disturbing school, school activities or meetings
28A.635.060 Defacing or injuring school property
28A.635.100 Intimidating any administrator, teacher, classified employee or student by threat of force or violence unlawful
WAC 392-400-205 Definitions


Adoption Date: 04.10.95

Clover Park School District

Revised:  10.09.00; 08.12.02; 09.10.12