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Gang Affiliation Activity

Gang affiliation and/or activity has the potential of creating an unsafe school atmosphere or a disruption of school operations.

Gang symbols and language are prohibited, and students using them shall be subject to suspension. Symbols of gang affiliation include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Hand signals
  • Wearing or displaying apparel, jewelry or accessories
  • Tattoos or body markings
  • Grooming

Students shall not imply gang membership or affiliation by written communication, marks, drawing, painting, design, emblem upon any school or personal property or one’s person. Students who engage in such displays shall be subject to corrective action including suspension.

Students assisting, promoting or placing graffiti on school property shall be subject to suspension and restitution.

The school district further prohibits activities that promote recruiting, initiation, hazing, intimidation, assaulting and/or activities related to gang affiliation. Students who sponsor, attend or participate in such activities shall be subject to discipline.

Multiple offenses of Policy 3201 or this procedure may result in expulsion.

An initial serious offense of Policy 3201 or this procedure may result in discipline including long-term suspension or expulsion.

All gang affiliation or gang-type incidents shall be subject to corrective action and be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency.


Date:  10.17.00

Revised:  08.02.13