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Rights Responsibilities and Authority of Certificated Staff

Certificated staff shall share responsibility for supervising the behavior of students and for maintaining the standards of conduct which have been established.

Certificated staff shall have the right to:

  1. Expect students to comply with school rules.
  2. Develop and/or review building rules relating to student conduct and control at least once each year. Building rules shall be consistent with district rules relating to student conduct and control.
  3. Exclude a student from class for all or any portion of the period or for the balance of the school day, or up to the following two days, or until the teacher has conferred with the principal, whichever occurs first. Prior to excluding a student, the teacher shall have attempted one or more corrective actions. In no case shall an excluded student be returned for the balance of a period, or up to the following two days without the consent of the teacher or until the principal and teacher have conferred.
  4. Receive any complaint or grievance regarding corrective action or punishment of students. They shall be given the opportunity to present their version of the incident and to meet with the complaining party in the event that a conference is arranged.

Certificated staff shall have the responsibility to:

  1. The building principal shall arrange for distribution to students, parents and staff a publication defining the rights, responsibilities and corrective action or punishment relating to student behavior.
  2. Observe the rights of students.
  3. Enforce the rules of student conduct fairly, consistently, and without discrimination. Major infractions shall be reported orally and in writing to the principal as soon as possible regardless of any corrective actions taken by the teacher in accordance to building procedure.
  4. Maintain good order in the classroom, in the hallways, and on the playgrounds or other common areas of the school, or while riding on school buses, or when participating in or attending school activities.
  5. Maintain accurate attendance records.
  6. Set an appropriate example of personal conduct and avoid statements which may be demeaning or personally offensive to any student or group of students.
  7. Meet with a parent(s) within five (5) school days upon request to hear a complaint regarding the use of classroom materials and/or teaching strategies that is being employed in the classroom.

Certificated staff shall have the authority to:

  1. Use such reasonable action as is necessary to protect himself, herself, a student, or others from physical abuse or injury.
  2. Remove a student from a class session for sufficient cause
  3. Detain a student after school for up to 40 minutes with due consideration for bus transportation, provided the parent/guardian has been notified.


Date:  04.10.95

Revised: 07.13.98; 08.02.13