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Athletic Eligibility for Intra District High School Transfers

  1. As members of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, schools in the Clover Park School District are subject to its regulations.
  2. Students shall attend school in the service area in which they reside unless an exception is authorized in accordance with Clover Park School District procedures.
  3. Students in Grades 6 - 8 who attend Harrison Prep or private schools and want to participate in after school sports or programs will attend their home school in their own district.
  4. If a student is deemed homeless under the McKinney-Vento Act, an eligibility hearing will be conducted.

Definitions and Regulations

  1. In order to be eligible to participate or represent the Clover Park School District in an interscholastic contest, the student must reside in the designated attendance area of the school or receive an exception from the West Central District #3 Eligibility Committee.
  2. The student bona fide residence or principal abode for student placement purposes is defined as the actual physical location of the residence of the parent, legal guardian, or court appointed guardian.
  3. If a student gives a different address or requests to attend a school not serving the bona fide residence, the matter will be processed as an exception.
  4. Request for transfer will not be approved for athletic activity reasons. Any student, grades 9-12, who is granted a transfer for non-athletic reasons from one high school to the other becomes automatically ineligible for varsity competition for one calendar year unless granted an exception.
  5. An incoming 9th grader may attend a non-resident school and be eligible for athletics.
  6. If a student is determined by the Clover Park School District Eligibility Committee to have obtained a legal guardianship for the purpose of participating in athletics at a different Clover Park school, the student will be ineligible to participate for one year.
  7. Any Clover Park School District principal who has reason to believe that a student request for transfer is for an athletic purpose may protest the student’s eligibility to the District Eligibility Committee.

Exception for Cause

A student may enroll in a district school other than those serving their area of residence after receiving the approval of the school principals and Director of Student Services. This approval may be given under one or more of the following circumstances:

  1. When, as a result of a guidance study for guidance purposes, a different school environment is recommended as a part of the program designed to correct the student’s social behavior or adjustment problems, athletic eligibility must be appealed through the West Central District #3 Eligibility Committee.
  2. When a transfer is approved because of a unique curricular program available in secondary school but not in the student’s service area school in the district, the student must request athletic eligibility from the West Central District #3 Eligibility Committee. Failure to remain in the program that generated the transfer will result in immediate loss of athletic eligibility.


  1. Appeals of District level decisions shall be made to the West Central District #3 Eligibility Committee.
  2. Appeals of the West Central District #3 Eligibility Committee will be made following the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association guidelines.
  3. A student may present new information in writing to the superintendent or designee as a basis for review and reconsideration hearing.
  4. Students enrolled in district schools other than those serving their area of residence may participate in varsity athletics, only upon receiving the approval of the West Central District #3 Eligibility Committee.


Reference: WIAA Handbook


Date: 04.10.95

Revised: 04.30.97; 08.20.13; 05.12.14