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Promotion, Retention, Advanced Placement in Elementary and Middle Schools

Successful completion of the work of one grade level in one school year constitutes normal progression for most students. At the end of each year, students who have successfully completed the work of one grade level will be promoted. Since most students learn best when placed with their own age group, and since basic learning concepts are reviewed and expanded each year, annual promotion for most students is desirable and expected.

A student shall be retained or advanced outside of normal grade progression only if such action would seem to benefit to the student. The question of retention or advancement shall be considered carefully by the student’s teacher(s), counselor, and principal. The reasons for retention or advancement shall be documented according to district procedures.

If this documentation indicates that retention or advancement would be in the best interests of the student, a conference with one or both parents/ guardians is mandatory. The decision to retain, to advance, or to maintain normal progression will be made as a result of this conference. If agreement cannot be reached regarding retention of the student, the parent(s)/guardian(s) shall decide grade placement.

The school district retains the right to make the final decision regarding advancing students outside of normal grade progression. In no instance shall the school recommendation be announced to the student prior to the parental conference.

All documentation of procedures and records from meetings with parent(s)/guardians(s) shall be maintained in the student’s cumulative file. Building principals shall maintain accurate lists of students retained and advanced.

>High School Grade Level Designation

Level/Class Designation: Beginning cohort graduation year 2013, all high school students in the Clover Park School District will be designated as follows:

  • High School Year 1 – Freshman (9)
  • High School Year 2 – Sophomore (10)
  • High School Year 3 – Junior (11)
  • High School Year 4 – Senior (12)
  • High School Year 5 and Beyond – Senior (12+)

This designation clarifies which high school students will participate in required state graduation testing regardless of credit standing.

All students must meet all credit requirements, required state testing, high school and beyond plan and culminating project requirements based on the student’s cohort graduation year to participate in graduation ceremonies and earn a high school diploma.

Students who have transferred from a school district or home based instruction whose credit totals are different from the above shall be evaluated on an individual basis by the enrolling school.


Cross References: Board Policy 2090 Program Evaluation
Board Policy 2410 High School Graduation Requirements


Adoption Date:  11.18.02

Former Policy Number: 4003

Clover Park School District

Revised: 11.10.03; 05.10.04; 07.09.12; 12.10.12