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For official copies of board policies and procedures please contact the superintendent's office at (253) 583-5190 or email

Grading and Progress Reports: Secondary\

The grade point averages for students in grades 6-12 will be calculated in the following manner:

  1. Each student’s “grade point average” will be the sum of the point values of all the marks/grades received for all courses attempted, divided by the sum of the credits for all courses attempted. The grade point value will be calculated by multiplying the numerical value of the mark/grade earned by the number of credits assigned to the course.

    The value of grades are:

    Alpha Scale Percent Low Percent High GPA
    A 93 100 4.0
    A- 90 92 3.7
    B+ 87 89 3.3
    B 83 86 3.0
    B- 80 82 2.7
    C+ 77 79 2.3
    C 73 76 2.0
    C- 70 72 1.7
    D+ 67 69 1.3
    D 63 66 1.0
    F 0 62 0.0


    Pass/Fail Low High
    P 63 100
    F 0 62
    Pass/No Credit Low High
    P 63 100
    NC 0 62

    Pass/Fail is the default for some courses such as Teacher Assistant.

    Clover Park School District uses Skyward for grade books and report cards.  To ensure equity and accuracy of grades across the district, it is important that the following required practices are implemented, effective with the 2015-16 school year.

    1. When in Skyward, in the module for Category Group Maintenance, use the feature to base grades on percents assigned to categories. To assure the most accurate grading, we will not typically use the tool for weighting called total points unless the content team is approved by their principal to use this feature and all members of the content team attend district training on this tool.  Also, in order to be approved for use of this tool, the team must have an assessment plan before the grading period begins that will ensure that the correct ratio of formative vs. summative assessments will be used  This assessment plan should be communicated in the course syllabus.
    2. When in Skyward, in the module that adds an assignment, one of the following conditions must be used:

      1. When the maximum score is equal to 100 points, the weight multiplier must be equal to or less than one to prevent double weighting, or
      2. When the maximum score is less than 100 points, the weight multiplier must be 1.
    3. Each same content team at each school determines the categories and the weight each category will have. With this feature, it is possible to have a category that is not worth any points when averaged into the final grade such as a category for formative assessments.

    The category (or categories) for summative assessments and/or projects should add up to at least 70 percent of the total grade. If a team chooses to have the summative assessment/project category have more weight, this is acceptable.  It is important to have at least one grade entered in each category (including a summative category) prior to first and third mid-quarter reporting so that the overall grade accurately forecasts progress.

  2. The minimal passing mark/grade is D = 1.0. Pass/fail, credit/no credit, and satisfactory/unsatisfactory marks may also be used for courses identified in the course catalog. These non-numerical marks/grades will be clearly identified and excluded from the calculation of grade point average.
  3. Marks/grades for each course taken will be included in the calculation of grade point averages. Only the highest mark/grade for a class/course taken more than once to improve a mark/grade will be included in the calculation of grade point averages. Marks/grades for recurring classes will all be included in the calculation of grade points. Grade point averages will be rounded to two decimal places and reported for each trimester/semester or other term and for the cumulative credits earned for all courses attempted in high school.
  4. The use of plus or minus designations (+/-) is not mandated. If assigned, they impact the grade average as indicated.
  5. A pass/fail option may be used in place of the grading scale in a class not classified as an academic course and not required for graduation. Successful completion of the class will result in a "P" grade, which is valid for credit and is not calculated in the cumulative grade point average.
  6. Parents or adult students must request the pass/fail option within ten (10) days of the beginning of a course. The principal may authorize pass/fail after consultation with parents, student and counselor.
  7. Teachers are expected to keep parents and students informed of any deficiencies in student work, which might result in grades below average. This information can be provided formally or informally, but a notation of the communication should be placed in the student's file.
  8. Student progress reports are issued four times a year. Reports issued at the end of the first and third quarters indicate progress to date. Reports issued at the end of the second and fourth quarters represent the final grades for that semester and are part of each student's permanent record.

The standardized high school transcript will contain:

  1. The student’s name (last name, first name, and middle names or middle initials);
  2. The student’s current address, address at graduation, or address at withdrawal from school (street, city, state, zip code);
  3. The student’s identification number (if applicable);
  4. The school’s name;
  5. The school’s address (street, city, state zip code, and telephone number);
  6. The dates of the student’s entry, reentry, withdrawal and graduation (if applicable) related to the school issuing the transcript;
  7. The student’s academic history for high school (grade level and date of course completion, course titles, marks/grades earned, credits attempted and grade point average);
  8. The name and address of parent(s) or guardian(s) (street, city, state, zip code), if such information is available;
  9. A list of previous high schools attended (school name, address, city, state, and month and year of entrance and exit); and
  10. The signature and/or seal of the authorized school official (name, title, and date).


Date: 06.05.13

Revised: 08.20.14; 06.15.15; 08.24.15