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Equivalency Credit for Career and Technical Education Courses

Each high school will adopt core academic course equivalencies for high school career and technical courses, provided that the career and technical course has been reviewed and approved for equivalency credit by a district team appointed by the superintendent or a designee.

The district team will include a school administrator, the career and technical administrator, an instructor from the core academic subject area, an instructor from the appropriate career and technical course, a school counselor, an administrator from the Teaching and Learning department, and the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools.

Career and technical courses approved for equivalency will be:

  1. Aligned with the state’s learning standards; and
  2. Aligned with current industry standards, as evidenced in the curriculum frameworks. The local career and technical advisory committee will certify that courses meet industry standards.

The board will approve Advanced Placement (AP) computer science courses as equivalent to high school mathematics or science.  The superintendent will adopt procedures to denote on the student’s transcript that AP computer science qualifies as a math-based quantitative course for students who complete it in their senior year.


Cross References:       Policy 2170                                   Career & Techinical Education

                                    Policy 2410                                   High School Graduation Requirements


Legal References:       RCW 28A.230.120                       High School Diplomas – Issuance- Option to receive final transcripts –Notice

                                    Laws of 2018, ch. 73, §§204, 217, 102


                                    WAC 180-51                                 High School Graduation Requirements

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Adoption Date:  10.12.09

Former Policy Number: 4107

Clover Park School District

Revised: 07.09.12; 12.08.14; 10.08.18