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Equivalency Credit with Career and Technical Education Courses

The Equivalency Committee

An Equivalency Credit Review Committee will be formed and will make recommendations to administration regarding course equivalencies between Career and Technical Education (CTE) and core academic courses. The Equivalency Credit Review Committee shall include the respective school administrator(s), the CTE administrator, an instructor from the core academic subject area, an instructor from the appropriate CTE course, a school counselor and an administrator from the Teaching and Learning department, and the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools.

Procedures and Timeline for Submitting an Initial Course Equivalency Request

  1. Teacher(s) and department head will submit the appropriate completed Equivalency Request Form from the OSPI Equivalency Toolkit along with their course Curriculum Framework, sample assessments, and other supporting documents to their building principal for signature and comments.
  2. The building principal will submit the requests and required materials to the Equivalency Committee in either the fall or spring according to specified deadlines. The fall submission deadline is October 31st. The spring deadline is May 15th.
  3. Teachers should submit their requests and required materials to their department heads and building principals at least one week prior to the specified deadlines to allow time for review prior to submission to the Equivalency Committee.

Procedures and Timeline for Evaluating Requests and Determining Course Equivalencies

  1. The Equivalency Committee will convene during the first week of December and last week of May to review submitted equivalency requests.
  2. For all equivalency requests, the Equivalency Committee will:

    1. Review the course curriculum framework to determine if required standards for equivalency from the appropriate Equivalency Request Form in Appendix K are evident throughout the course.
    2. Review the course assessments to determine if students are demonstrating the required standards for equivalency from the appropriate Equivalency Request Form in Appendix K.
  3. The committee will make determinations on fall submissions by December 9th and May 30th for submissions made in the spring. The committee will make one of the following decisions during the Initial Evaluation regarding the equivalency request:

    1. Meets Standard for Equivalency - the course meets the standards required for equivalency and will be listed as an equivalency in the course guide for the following school year.
    2. Does Not Meet Standard for Equivalency - the course does not adequately meet the standards required for equivalency. Feedback is given regarding gaps and areas that need to be addressed if an equivalency is to be requested again.

Procedures and Timeline for Resubmitting a denied Equivalency Request

  1. If an equivalency request is denied upon initial review, a teacher may address identified gaps and resubmit their request by the next scheduled deadline - either December 31st or May 15th.
  2. The resubmission of an equivalency request will follow the same procedural requirements as an initial equivalency request outlined in these procedures.

Publishing District Approved Equivalencies

  1. The Equivalency Committee will annually publish a list of approved course equivalencies no laterthan February 1st for inclusion in each high school's course catalog for the following school year.
  2. Additions to the published equivalency list will apply to all students the following school year.
  3. Deletion of equivalencies from the existing equivalency list will apply only to the following year's freshman students. Students who will be sophomores, juniors, and seniors that following year will be allowed to use the previously published equivalencies.


Model Equivalency Procedures Flowchart


Former Procedure: 4107-P1

Date: 10.12.09

Revised: 06.05.13; 01.05.15