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Special Education Graduation Requirement Procedures

Requirement Modifications: 

It is the purpose of the Clover Park program for students with disabilities to develop and function as productively, independently and self-sufficiently as possible by providing appropriate educational activities, relative to unique characteristics and designed to meet each student's individual needs.  Within the conditions unique to student’s abilities and personal health and in cooperation with the home, students with disabilities in the Clover Park School District shall receive instruction designed to enhance the development and application of cognitive, academic and social-emotional skills personal and prosocial transition skills, and skills pertinent to values and civic responsibilities.


When a student with a disability requires substantial alteration and/or adoptions in educational programming, resulting in that student not completing district curriculum requirements, then such curricular alterations will be set forth in the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP). Eligibility to graduate and receive a diploma will be contingent upon successful attainment of curricular goals and instructional objectives contained in that student's IEP.  The IEP will also set forth criteria for measuring minimum competencies set forth in the student's IEP. A high school transcript shall accompany the diploma.

High school special education teams shall convene each spring and make recommendations for graduation, to the building principal, those students fulfilling graduation requirements through the Individual Education Program option.


Former Procedure: 4101-P2

Date: 04.10.87

Revised: 06.05.13