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Religious-Related Activities and Practices

The board recognizes that views and opinions regarding the relationship of the schools and religion are diverse. While community opinions are important in shaping policy, the board must give primary credence to the United States and Washington State constitutions, state law and the decisions made by the respective courts when establishing guidelines for making decisions regarding religious-related activities and practices. The board further accepts the declaration of the State Board of Education that “all students . . . possess the constitutional right to the free exercise of religion and to have their schools free from sectarian control or influence.” To this end, the board has directed the superintendent to establish to preserve the constitutional rights of all students.


Cross References: Board Policy 2153 Noncurriculum-related Student Groups
Board Policy 3122  Excused and Unexcused Absences
Board Policy 3220 Freedom of Expression
Board Policy 3223 Freedom of Assembly
Board Policy 3224 Student Dress
Board Policy 4220 Complaints Concerning Staff or Program
Board Policy 4237 Contests, Advertising and Promotions
Board Policy 4235 Public Performances
Board Policy 4260 Use of School Facilities


Legal References: U.S. Constitution First Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment
Wash. Constitution Art. I, § 11
Wash. Constitution Art. 9, Sec. 4 and Art. 26
RCW 28A.600.025 Students’ rights of religious expression — Duty of superintendent of public instruction to inform school districts
WAC 392-400-227 School district rules defining students’ religious rights


Adoption Date:  11.12.85

Former Policy Number: 4201

Clover Park School District

Revised: 10.14.02, 07.09.12