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For official copies of board policies and procedures please contact the superintendent's office at (253) 583-5190 or email

Form 2320-F3

Guidelines for Field Trip Chaperones

The Clover Park School District believes that field trips provide a valuable educational experience for students. Without the help of chaperones, many field trips would not be possible. We thank you very much for giving your time and support to these important activities. In order to help ensure that District sponsored trips result in safe and rewarding experiences for all participants, we have prepared these guidelines to provide information about procedures as a field trip chaperone and general guidelines for chaperone conduct

In addition to these guidelines, you will receive an orientation on your role as a chaperone from the District staff member responsible for supervising your field trip. If you have any questions regarding these procedures or guidelines, please contact this staff member or the building principal/program manager.

Procedure for Becoming a Field Trip Chaperone

Because student safety is a paramount concern, Washington state law requires that the District conduct a criminal background check on all school volunteers. To accomplish this, all volunteers must:

  • Complete a School Volunteer Application (WATCH - Criminal Background Check); and
  • Receive a favorable report from the Washington State Patrol.

Day Trip Chaperones:are required to complete this form and return to the school Volunteer Coordinator.

Overnight Chaperones require:

  • Complete a School Volunteer Application (WATCH - Criminal Background Check);
  • Receive a favorable report from the Washington State Patrol; and
  • Complete SafeSchools Chaperone Training.

The district also requires that chaperones must be at least 21 years old. If you have questions regarding the procedure for becoming a volunteer, you may also contact the District Volunteer Coordinator. Overnight Chaperones are authorized for day trips automatically.

Guidelines for Chaperones

Prior to your field trip, the supervising staff member will provide you with information regarding the activities planned for the trip, expectations for supervising students, emergency procedures, and any District policies relating to the field trip. In addition, we have developed the following general guidelines to help you perform your duties as a chaperone. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the supervising staff member or the building principal/program manager.

  1. Students must be supervised at all times while at District sponsored events. All chaperones must be readily available, be mindful of safety concerns, and respond to students’ needs
  2. All chaperones may not use, sell, provide, possess or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during a District sponsored event.
  3. All chaperones are not permitted to use tobacco in the presence of, or within sight of students or on any school’s property.
  4. All chaperones are not permitted to possess ANY weapon during District sponsored events.
  5. For the protection of both the student and the chaperone, all chaperones should not place themselves in situations where they are alone with a single student. All doors must remain open when with a single student in all situations
  6. During the day field trip:
    1. Base the number of chaperones (district employees vs. volunteer chaperones) on an evaluation considering the number of students, age and maturity of the students, types of activities, facilities, duration of trip, type of transportation, and safety considerations (such as emergency procedures).
    2. There should be a minimum of two adults (one district employee and one volunteer chaperone) supervising a during the day field trip. Recommended minimum supervision ratios (adults to students) are as follows: elementary school age – 1:10; middle/high school age – 1:20. The building administrator and field-trip sponsor should agree upon the ratio for each field trip.
  7. Overnight field trip: If both male and female students are attending a trip, at minimum one male and one female chaperone are required to district employees. Any male chaperones will not enter female student rooms, and any female chaperones will not enter male student rooms unless in an emergency situation requiring immediate adult assistance
  8. All chaperone accommodations on any overnight trip will be distributed among students to ensure proper supervision and will not be adjacent to one another for convenience or personal engagement. The reason for the chaperones is to supervise students and is not intended to provide a social experience for the adults.
  9. Volunteer chaperones are not permitted to administer prescription or non-prescription medications to students.
  10. Family members or friends of a District employee chaperone may not participate in a district sponsored field trip or any event unless prior approval has been obtained from the building principal/program manager. Any field trip or event participant age 18 or older who is not a student in the district must complete all district forms required of an adult
  11. While participating in a district sponsored event, all chaperones are expected to follow the directions given by the District’s supervising staff member, comply with District policies, and work cooperatively with other staff and volunteers, and model appropriate behaviors.
  12. Discipline issues should be handled by the staff primary unless an emergency or safety situation exists. Once the safety concern has been resolved, all chaperones should report actions to the staff primary for continued action or follow up by the staff member.
  13. All chaperones will not transport students in personal vehicles, except when a parent (volunteer) chaperone is providing transportation for their student. District transportation will be utilized.
  14. District policies for appropriate attire will be followed by all students, staff and chaperones.

We hope these guidelines will help you understand the importance of Chaperone’s role. If you have any questions about these procedures and guidelines, you need to discuss them with the supervising staff member for your field trip or the building principal/program manager prior to any field trips. Again, thank you for your support of school activities. You are a necessary part of a successful and enjoyable school event!


Guidelines for Field Trip Chaperones

I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Clover Park School District “Guidelines for Volunteer Field Trip Chaperones” and have read the guidelines. I agree to comply with the guidelines as a chaperone with the Clover Park School District.

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Date: 05.23.11

Revised: 02.13.11; 06.05.13; 03.24.16; 05.29.17