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Form 2320-F2

District-Related Travel for Field Trips, Excursions and Outdoor Education

Field Trip Form
More Than 75 Miles/Overnight/Out-of-State

Employee contact: Phone Number:

Date Leaving for Field Trip: Date Returning from Field Trip:

Purpose of Trip (objectives and relationship to curriculum standards):

Out= of State Board Resolution #:

Method of Transportation (check all that apply): Other

Funding Source(s) of Field Trip:

Student Cost (if applicable):

Required attachments:



Required signatures: (Assistant superintendent’s authorization required for field trips traveling more than 75 miles; superintendent’s authorization required for overnight and/or out-of-state field trips.)

Principal Signature


Risk Management Signature


Transportation Signature


Assistant Superintendent Signature


Superintendent Signature


Chaperone List

Number of adult chaperones District ratio for chaperones is one adult chaperone per ten students; overnight trips require one districtemployed male chaperone for every ten male students; one district-employed female chaperone for every ten female students attending the field trip.)

Name Male/Female Date of Training Employee Volunteer

Number of Male Students: Number of Female Students:

Incomplete requests will be returned to originator.

Field Trip, Excursion or Outdoor Education
(More than 75 miles, Overnight, Out of State)

(Begin process six weeks in advance)
2320-F2 Workflow