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For official copies of board policies and procedures please contact the superintendent's office at (253) 583-5190 or email

Alternative Learning Experience Programs

District Implementation Guidelines:

  1. Alternative Learning Experiences will be available to all students including students with disabilities.
  2. The district will make available to students enrolled in alternative learning programs access to curricula, course content, instructional materials and other learning resources required by the written student learning plan. These materials will be consistent in quality with those available to the overall student population.
  3. Work based learning will comply with WAC 180-50-315 and 392-121-124;
  4. Contracting for alternative learning experiences will be subject to WAC 392-121-188 and RCW 28A.150.305;
  5. The district will provide to parents a description of the difference between home-based instruction and alternative learning programs. The parent or guardian must sign documentation indicating their understanding of the distinction. The district will retain the statement of understanding and make it available for audit.
  6. The district will use reliable methods to insure a student is doing his or her own work, which may include proctoring examinations or projects.
  7. District alternative learning programs, using digital or on-line learning will be accredited through the state accreditation program or through the regional accreditation program.

Accountability for Student Performance:

  1. Students participating in alternative learning experiences will be evaluated as follows:
    1. Each student’s progress will be evaluated monthly based on the learning goals and performance objectives defined in the written student learning plan.
    2. The progress review will be conducted by certificated instructional staff and include direct personal contact (as defined by district policy) with the student. The results of the review will be shared with the student and the student’s parent.
    3. Certificated instructional staff will determine whether the student is making satisfactory progress in meeting the written student learning plan.
    4. If the student fails to make satisfactory progress for two consecutive evaluation periods an intervention plan will be developed and implemented.  The intervention plan will be developed by certificated instructional staff in collaboration with the students and for students in K-8, the student’s parent or guardian.
    5. If after three consecutive evaluations, the student is not making progress, a new plan designed to meet the student’s needs will be developed and implemented.
  2. Students in alternative learning programs will be assessed using the state assessment for the student’s grade level and using other annual assessments required by the district.  Part-time and home school students are not required to participate in the state wide assessments required under 28A.655.
  3. Students attending an alternative learning program outside their district, will participate in any required annual state assessments at the district of residence. The enrolling district will coordinate the test taking.

Program Evaluation:

The district will periodically evaluate its program in a manner designed to objectively measure its effectiveness.

Annual Reporting:

The district will report annually to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction on the alternative learning programs and courses offered by the district. The report will include student headcount; full-time equivalent enrollment claimed for basic education funding; the ratio of certificated instructional staff to full-time equivalent alternative learning students; and identify alternative learning students receiving instruction under contract.


The district will retain the appropriate records for audit purposes. Documents will include a school board policy, annual reports to the school board, reports to OSPI, student learning plans, student progress reviews and evaluations, student enrollment detail and signed parent enrollment forms.


Date: 06.05.13