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Education of Students with Disabilities Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Procedural Requirements:  The district will ensure compliance with the requirements of Section 504 by doing the following:

  1. Provide written assurance of non-discrimination whenever the district receives federal funds.
  2. Designate an employee to coordinate the district’s Section 504 compliance activities. The Section 504 Coordinator for adults for the district is the Executive Director of Human Resources and for students is the Director of Special Education.
  3. Provide grievance procedures to resolve complaints of discrimination. Students, parents or employees are entitled to file grievances. The grievance procedures for the district are set out in the Procedure for Policy 3210, Nondiscrimination.
  4. Provide notice to students, parents, employees, unions and professional organizations of the district’s nondiscrimination policy in admission and access to programs and activities, and in treatment and employment. Notice will also specify the Section 504 coordinator for the district. Notice will also be included in the student/parent handbooks.
  5. Annually identify and locate all Section 504 qualified disabled children in the district’s geographic area who are not receiving a public education.
  6. Annually notify disabled persons and their parents/guardians of the district’s responsibilities under Section 504.
  7. Establish and implement procedural safeguards to be provided to parents/guardians with respect to actions regarding the identification, evaluation or educational placement of persons who, because of disability, need, or are believed to need, special instruction or related services. Procedural safeguards will include:
    1. Notice of parental/guardian rights;
    2. An opportunity to examine relevant records;
    3. An impartial hearing, initiated by either the parents/guardian or the school district, with opportunity for participation by the student’s parents/guardians. The student/ parent/guardian is entitled to have representation by legal counsel; and
    4. A review procedure.


Date: 06.05.13