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Interscholastic Athletics

Coach's Duties

In accordance with district policy and the coach's job description, the coach has the duty to:

  1. Instruct Participants

    The coach should employ the latest methods and proper instruction when working with students to develop motor skills. If an injury occurs while using an improper instructional method, the district and its employees may be liable for negligence.

  2. Warn Participants

    The coach should inform all athletes and their parents of the inherent risks involved in participation in the particular sport, including the very small risk of infection with a blood-borne pathogen. The coach must describe, using a variety of methods, the catastrophic and common non-catastrophic injuries unique to the sport.

  3. Supervise Participants

    The coach will create a daily plan, showing how the coach plans to conduct general supervision of the sport, and how he/she will supervise specific drills and other components of the daily practice. Adequacy of supervision should be reviewed in terms of quality and quantity and should include factors such as: the age of the students, the size of the students, the equipment involved, the maturity level of the students, the first aid equipment and training available, the appropriate certification of supervisors where required, and the safety training of the personnel involved.

  4. Provide Safe Equipment and Facilities

    Equipment should be properly fitted and maintained. Athletes should be instructed on how to conduct a daily inspection. Facilities should be free of hazards and inspected regularly.

  5. Maintain Records of Injuries

    A report shall be completed for each accident. Injury reports should be maintained for an the appropriate a period of five years after the student's 21st birthday.

  6. Assess Fitness of Participants

    The coach will assess the physical fitness, the medical condition, and the skill level of athletes prior to participation in sporting activities.

  7. Provide Equal Protection and Due Process

    While participation in co-curricular activities is a privilege, a student whose participation will be terminated based on an alleged violation of the conduct code must be afforded the opportunity of a fair hearing.

  8. Transport Athletes Safely

    A coach has a duty to see that athletes are safely transported to and from contests and to and from practices if practices are held at sites other than the immediate school grounds

  9. Foresee Danger

    A coach should be able to reasonably anticipate foreseeable dangers that may occur and take precautions protecting the children in his/her custody from such dangers.

  10. Protect From Loss

    A participant is required to present evidence that he/she is covered by an accident policy. A blanket catastrophic (“no fault”) insurance provides coverage for serious injuries.

The duties listed above are not meant to be comprehensive. In carrying out the duties of the assignment, a staff member is expected to act with reasonable professional judgment and behavior. A staff member who supervises a sports activity is expected to know the intricacies of the activity that he/she is leading.

Summer Sports Activities/Clinics

Rules governing out-of-school and/or out-of-season student sports participation are as follows:

  1. A practice is defined as the teaching phase of a sport to any present, past or future squad member while the student is in grade 7-12.  Practices can take place during the school year or during the summer The school may not sponsor, promote or direct activities which resemble out-of-season practices or contests during the school year or summer.
  2. A school staff member who sponsors, promotes or directs such activities during the summer vacation will clearly indicate that he/she is operating independent of the school district. As such, the school district will be free of liability associated with the activity.
  3. Students will be advised that participation in a commercial summer camp or clinic or other similar type of activity will not begin until the conclusion of the final WIAA state tournament of the school year. Participants in a fall school sports program may not attend any summer camp/clinic in that sport after August 1 until the first fall sports turnout. The school should announce by written school newsletter that summer sports camp/clinic is neither endorsed nor sponsored by the district.
  4. A coach (contracted or volunteer) may not sponsor, promote, coach or direct activities which resemble out-of-season practices or contests in the sport they coach to any of their squad members or future squad members (grades 7-12) until after the school year's final WIAA state tournament.
  5. The use of the school bulletin board, public address system or school newspaper for promotional purposes to announce sports clinics/camps will fall within the same guidelines as applied to other commercial endeavors.
  6. School facilities to be used for summer activity and/or sports camps may be rented consistent with the rates, rules and regulations applicable for other commercial uses.

A user will hold the district free and without harm from any loss or damage, liability or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way such use of school facilities. Authorization for use of school facilities will not be considered as endorsement of or approval of the activity group or organization, or the purposes it represents.

Athletic Code

The opportunity to participate in the interscholastic athletic program is a privilege granted to all students of the district. Participants in this voluntary program are expected to conform to specific conduct standards established by the principals and athletic coaches.

A student who is found by a certificated staff member of the student's school to be in violation of any rules is subject to removal from the team. A student who has allegedly violated one or more of the conduct rules may appeal a disciplinary action as specified in this code.

The following rules will be applicable for a sports season:

  1. Use and/or Possession of Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco

    An athlete who is found to be in possession of alcohol or tobacco products will be removed from the athletic team for three weeks (first offense). If the student violates the rule twice during the sports season, he/she will be dropped from the team for the season.

  2. Use and/or Possession of Illegal Chemical Substances or Opiates

    An athlete who is found to be in possession of illegal chemical substances or opiates will be removed from the team for the balance of the sports season.

  3. Harrassment/Bullying/Intimidation

    The Harassment/Bullying/Intimidation policy (Policy 3207) is to be adhered to in all athletic practices, events and gatherings.  Offenses will be dealt with according to the policy parameters.

  4. Physical Appearance

    An athlete will maintain the dress and grooming standards of the team. The first offense will result in a verbal warning. Repeated offenses will result in removal from the activity for five (5) school days.

  5. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    An athlete will exhibit appropriate conduct in practices and/or contests.

    The first offense will result in a verbal warning. Repeated offenses will result in removal from the activity for five (5) school days.

  6. Attendance at School

    An athlete will attend school for at least one half day on the day of an athletic contest. If an athlete receives an unexcused absence for any portion of the day, the athlete will be ineligible to participate in the activity/contest on that day. If excused, the athlete may participate if he/she was in attendance for one half day or more.

  7. Absence from Practice

    An athlete is expected to be in attendance at all team practices unless excused for illness or by prior approval. If an athlete is absent from practice and not excused, the athlete will be ineligible to participate in the next contest.

  8. Violation of Law on School Grounds

    When a student is found guilty of an offense committed while on school grounds or at a school activity, the corrective action will depend upon the nature of the violation.

  9. Repeated Offenses

    If a student repeatedly violates one of the above rules, he/she may be removed from the team for the remainder of the sports season.

Appeal Process for Disciplinary Action

When infractions occur within the athletic program, the following process may be followed:

  1. A Building Hearing Committee composed of the building principal and/or designee, athletic director, and coach will be constituted to hear any appeals of disciplinary action taken against student athletes. Upon the imposition of penalty for infraction(s) of any rules or regulations related to interscholastic athletics, any aggrieved student and parents of said student will have the right to an informal conference with the Building Hearing Committee to request that they refrain from enforcing the decision of the coach or ask the coach to reconsider. If the students and parents do not make a written request for this informal conference within five (5) school days of the imposition of the penalty, they will have waived their right to the conference and appeal procedure. The informal conference is to be held within three (3) school days of the request.
  2. The Building Hearing Committee will hear the case in detail and will render a decision within three (3) school days after hearing the case.
  3. The aggrieved party may appeal to the superintendent/designee of schools within three (3) school days of the appeals decision. The superintendent/designee of schools, after hearing the case in detail, will render a decision within ten (10) school days of the hearing.
  4. The aggrieved party may submit a written appeal of the superintendent/designee’s decision to the Board of Directors within three (3) school days. The Board of Directors, after reviewing the case in detail, will render a decision on the case within ten (10) school days of the review. This decision will be final.


Date: 06.05.13