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Form 2022-F2


Technology, Software and Website Request for Approval

This is a request process, requiring approval before it is permissible to purchase/use the requested software. Although we will try to be timely in reviewing the request, this process may take 2-3 weeks upon arrival at the Teaching and Learning department.

Approval Process:

  1. Complete this form and submit to principal for signature.
  2. If approved, principal/teacher submits this form to Teaching and Learning.
  3. If approved, Teaching and Learning submits this form to Information Technology Services (ITS) department.
  4. If approved, ITS submits this form to the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning.
  5. Final notice of approval/denial will come from the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning’s office.
  6. Cloud versions of software must be installed, registered and activated using the email address

For the automated SharePoint version of this form, please click here:

Assurance of Accessibility

Assurance of compliance with COPPA and FERPA – Please see Appendix A

If the resource allows for students to communicate directly with each other or people outside of CPSD, are the communications moderated by the appropriate CPSD staff member sponsoring use? Can any posts or comments be deleted or reviewed for appropriateness where needed?


The number of computers this software will be installed on:

Are you purchasing a site license: Yes No    If yes, for how many computers?

Cost of your request:

Quantity: @ $ each = $ Total Cost

Assuming it is approved, are you planning to buy this item immediately?
If not immediately, when?
Funded by: (Department/School budget)
Budget Administrator’s Signature
Administrator/Principal’s Signature

(principal’s signature indicates acknowledgement of and support for this request)

***Please include a copy of the catalog page that represents this software and ordering information***

Have you personally previewed this software? Yes No

Grade level and subject area this software is designed for:

The following questions are to help you evaluate the software’s relevance to the teaching/learning environment.

  • Does the website/software meet the stated learning objectives?
  • Does the website/software align to standards?
  • How does the website/software support the intended curriculum?
  • Does the website/software provide clear examples of skills that it is designed to develop?
  • Do problems make reference to real-life applications?
  • Are help and audio features under user control?
  • What is your upgrade/replacement/sustainability plan when new versions of the website/software become available or necessary?

Please attach any relevant documentation, especially how this product has been used successfully in helping students meet learning standards in reading, math, science, writing, etc.

Teaching and Learning Approval:

Yes: No: Date: Signature:

To be determined by CPSD ITS

This software is compatible on the following operating system platform: (check one):

  Windows 7 Windows 10  

ITS will attach any relevant information about security, compatibility and/or operation concerns.

  This software/website is supportable and compatible with district networks and software.
  This software/website complies with student data privacy standards (RCW 28A. 604).
  This software/website is properly licensed.

ITS Approval:

Yes: No: Date: Signature:

To be determined by the CPSD Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

  All relevant information has been provided.
  All departmental approvals have been granted.
  This request is consistent with the overall technology vision, networking and budget priorities of CPSD.

Other Comments:

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Approval:

Yes: No: Date: Signature:

Form 2022-F2

Appendix A

Additional Notes about COPPA:

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a federal law, enacted in April 2000, related to the online collection of personal information from students under age 13. COPPA makes it clear to website owners what they must include in their privacy policy, when they must seek consent from parents for a child under 13 to use their services, and what the website owner’s responsibilities are to protect the online privacy and safety of children. These rules apply regardless of whether the website is fee-based or not.

COPPA does not preclude schools from acting as intermediaries between operators and parents in the notice and consent process, or from serving as the parent’s agent in the process of collecting personal information online from students in the school context when parents have provided permission for student internet use. CPSD’s use and sharing of student data is solely for education purposes.

CPSD uses a variety of software systems in the classroom, including some that are hosted outside the district’s facilities in “the cloud”. When used appropriately and thoughtfully, these tools can help create a rich, flexible and engaging learning environment for district students. Additionally, experience accessing materials in the cloud in a responsible and effective manner is important part of students becoming good digital citizens.

CPSD supports COPPA and requires websites the district uses to adhere to this law. It is important that all CPSD staff members who work with children be aware of and follow COPPA and other state and federal regulations related to student internet access and related data use.

Date: 08.29.17