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Student Learning Goals

A basic education is an evolving program of instruction that is intended to provide students with the opportunity to become responsible and respectful global citizens, to contribute to their economic well-being and that of their families and communities, to explore and understand different perspectives and to enjoy productive and satisfying lives. Additionally, a goal of the district is to focus on strengthening the educational achievement of all students and providing all students the opportunity to achieve personal and academic success. Students will:

  1. Read with comprehension, write effectively, and communicate successfully in a variety of ways and settings;
  2. Know and apply the core concepts and principles of mathematics; social, physical, and life sciences; civics and history, including different cultures and participation in representative government; geography; arts; health and fitness;
  3. Think analytically, logically, and creatively, and to integrate different experiences and knowledge to form reasoned judgments and solve problems; and
  4. Understand the importance of work and finance and how performance, effort, and decisions directly affect future career and educational opportunities.

These goals will be placed within a context of a performance-based educational system in which high standards are set for all students. Parents are primary partners in the education of their children, and students take responsibility for their learning. The board of directors adopts district curriculum. Instructional strategies are determined by district educators.  An assessment system for determining if students have successfully learned the essential academic learning requirements based on the student learning goals will be adopted by the district, as required by state law.


Legal References:  RCW 28A.150.210 Basic Education Act — Goal
RCW  28A.655.010 Washington commission on Student Learning — Definitions


Management Resources: Policy News, October 2007 Basic Education Act Revisions


Adoption Date: 11.14.05

Former Policy Number: 4009

Clover Park School District

Revised: 07.09.12