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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family Access?

Skyward Family Access is a Web-based tool that gives you access to your student's school information.

With one login, you can view information about all students in your family who are attending a school within Clover Park School District. For example, you can view:

How do I get my user name and password?

Your child's school will give you your user name and password.

I was given a user name and password, but I can't remember it. What do I do?

You can make the request right from the Skyward Family Access login screen and have that information sent to your email address on record. Please notify your child's school if your email address changes.


How do I reset my password or change my email address?

Click on the Account Info button on the top right of the screen:

Account Info

Then click on the 'Change my Password' or 'Change my Email' button:


Can other people see my child's information in Skyward Family Access?

No. Skyward Family Access is password protected and restricts information to each student's parents/guardians. Be sure to keep your password safe.

What do I do if my family or emergency information changes?

Please notify the school if any information changes.

How do I email my child's teacher?

Go to the Student Information screen, in the General Information section and click on the teacher's name to send them an email.

Skyward Family Access does not work on my computer; what should I do?

Skyward Family Access is viewed in a standard Web browser like any other web-based software, so it should work on your computer. However, we recommend checking the following:

Clover Park School District does not support off-site technology or software. Please consult your computer dealer or software vendor for computer or software problems.

Please contact your child's school with any questions about Skyward Family Access. A directory of all Clover Park district schools can be found by clicking here.

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